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Neringa Bask Photographer

About Neringa Bask

Hello Friends!

I am Neringa, a professional artist-photographer, and mother of two beautiful little girls (Simona 10 and Veronika 8). I was born and raised in Lithuania (Europe) and I have lived in New Castle (England) as well. I moved to Canada in 2012 and now reside in Edmonton, Alberta. (I travel all over Alberta and beyond for photography and pleasure.)

In Europe, I worked in the corporate world and completed my Master’s Degree. However, my passion has always been the beauty of people, Art and Photography; a true artist by nature. This path, together with the old-world beauty and culture of Europe (my heritage) and the landscapes and cultures of Canada, provide me with the perfect artistic blend and flare. I am a professional photographer specializing in people and capturing their love stories. Whether those love stories are couples, children, engagements or weddings – capturing YOUR love story, in its most honest, purest form, is my greatest joy!

By chance, the Universe or by fate, you have landed on my site, and I am so happy that we have connected. I believe that the most meaningful photographs come from the heart. I pay great attention to detail, and I believe in capturing more than just photos – all of the emotions and tenderness that shine from within. Including, the small looks, soft touches, and kisses, laughter, warm embraces, love and unplanned joy on your special day.

Whatever makes your heart happy and soul glow, go for it!

With love, Neringa