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Choosing The Right Photographer

What you need to know, when considering which photographer to use.

One thing that a true professional photographer will do is reassure you on why using an experienced and dedicated photographer to capture your special day is the most important thing.  Well, it is!  So… this blog is to help future couples, even if they are not choosing me to capture their special day, some crucial education and points you must know. 

Sincerely, this is not to vent or to bash other photographers – I do want your memories captured by the best. The best of everything, not just the best price; the value you get in working with a professional photographer (particularly, me!) and how to choose the right one! My passion is photography, everything photography, especially love stories, beauty and style. You see, I am a female, a stylish girl and European! Photography to me is Art and MY passion! 

My passion for photography drove me to start my own business, and most importantly, to ensure that I have the best equipment and education to capture the beauty of this art for my clients special day!  You do need an artistic eye and flare, and knowing that your customers wishes are heard, captured and fulfilled (soft skills) – but, the business side of things that clients or those looking at photographs (any kind) don’t see, is also the technical skills!

I want to be completely transparent with those who want me to take their photos. And, I want anyone reading this to know the importance of using a professional and experienced photographer. 

Let’s face it, there are now many photographers available for you to consider. Some have moved into the field merely from their love to help out, or shooting photos of friends with their nice camera and sometimes phones, that’s great, but a professional is someone who is investing into constant education, practice, education and networking in order to deliver top-notch results to their clients! Transparency is key

If you don’t feed your passion regularly, it will not evolve. We can always, always improve (at anything in life) – there is so much to learn in and about photography.  As I said above, photography is a form of art and expression – my best work might look completely different than another photographer. This is why it is so important to know the style of the photographer you’re choosing for your photos, to make sure they are the right match for your vision, wants and satisfaction!

Since I spend a lot of quality time with my clients (especially if you choose me for your wedding day) it’s important for you to know a little bit about my personal and professional journey, and what brought me into pursuing photography.  So please read about my background under the “about” tab on my website, here https://baskimage.com/neringa-bask/   In short for you; I truly love people, capturing people and their beauty, emotions, tenderness, warmth, unplanned joy or silliness, even grumpy faces if they occur. My motto is, “Whatever makes your heart happy and soul glow – go for it!

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